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February 2020

Another INAB visit to Dublin for extension to scope assessment

November 2019

Visited FSI Dublin for Irish National Accreditation Board to carry out DNA technical assessment

Also interviewed by Norwegian TV programme about historic DNA case – improvements in Y STR tests and implications for Appeals

October 2019

Took part in NRGD meeting in Utrecht on developing standards for DNA activity interpretation

January – March 2019

Delivered 10 week module on Case Assessment and Interpretation for UCL MSc students

October 2018

Interviewed for magazine article on familial DNA searches and genetic genealogy – the science and the legal oversight

July 2018

Attended UCL International Crime Scene Conference – always interesting to meet people who’ve written the papers I’m using

April 2018

Interviewed by Tacha Hicks Champod for Lausanne MOOC – used case example to demonstrate importance of interpreting transfer issues in light of case information

Pleased to see John Fairfax’s new book published – ‘Blind Defence” – & glad to have helped with discussions about forensic science issues

February 2018

Delivered DNA presentations to Kingston BSc students

Completed 10 week CAI module for UCL MSc students – good luck to all for the future

January 2018

Trip to Geneva to give evidence to International Olympic Committee tribunal


Interesting meeting in Utrecht on 26th where NRGD are discussing standards for reporting DNA at activity level – considering issues of transfer & persistence of DNA & how it was deposited on an item of interest

Delivering 10 week Case Assessment & Interpretation module to MSc students at UCL & met them on 18th for first workshop – great group

December 2017

Final visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project – DVI exercise went from mock coach crash with rescue through to Reconciliation Board. A great year, made good friends and learnt about how DNA fits into the wider DVI response


October 2017 

Glad to have been able to contribute to the ICCA-RSS guide: Statistics and probability for advocates: Understanding the use of statistical evidence in courts and tribunals

Sixth visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project to run workshop on DVI DNA protocols

September 2017

Gave evidence at Central Criminal Court on case involving interpretation of complex DNA mixtures

Fifth visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project holding conference on DVI process

Two weeks at ThermoFisher in Glasgow providing training on DNA interpretation and statistics in DVI for Riyadh scientists

July 2017

Met with NRGD in Utrecht to discuss potential for registration of DNA experts for activity level opinions

June 2017

Fourth visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project looking at DNA – helped produce DVI Training Manual and enjoyed lovely weather and impressive thunderstorms

May 2017

Provided week’s training on DNA Biostatistics to Croatian DNA Experts as background to DVI project  – DNA interpretation & calculations for single source & mixed results, Relationship testing

Third visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project looking at DNA – training needs analysis this time

April 2017

Second visit to the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project looking at DNA – regular trips for rest of this year. So much warmer on this trip!

March 2017

Delivered DNA presentations to Kingston BSc students & completed 10 week CAI module for UCL MSc students – good luck to all for the future

Interview for Norwegian TV documentary on DNA in review of murder conviction

February 2017

Week in Croatia at the Forensic Science Centre in Zagreb on Disaster Victim Identification project looking at DNA

January 2017

Busy week at Liverpool and Peterborough Crown Courts. Now looking forward to visiting Forensic Laboratory in Zagreb

November 2016

Scientist in residence for Chemistry for All at Reading University with Julie Allard – lots of interesting and fun questions from Year 9 & 10 students

Gave evidence as court-appointed expert at an appeal in Alta Norway – furthest North I’ve ever been. Interesting experience, it would be great to go back there & see the Northern Lights

CAI workshop for MSc students at Wolverhampton University – lots of thought-provoking questions

Gave presentation to third session on Probability And Statistics In Forensic Science, at the Newton Institute in Cambridg,e on ‘Modelling the best evidence’. Great help to have the chance to discuss DNA with distinguished statisticians and lawyers from UK & abroad

Trip to Polizia Penitentiale in Rome to discuss validation of Y23 kits – lovely afternoon in Arriccia as well

October 2016

Co-author on response to Presidential Commission on Science and Technology (PCAST) report on Forensic science in criminal courts: Ensuring scientific validity of feature-comparison methods published in Forensic Science International

Interesting finale to the Expert Witness Course at Leicester University for the Intrepid PhD students – all came through the final witness box exercise with flying colours – thanks to all who participated

Expert Witness Course at Leicester University

Interviewed by Anne Diamond on BBC Berkshire about DNA & cold cases – impressed with how much she knows a lot about historic cases

September 2016

Completed first year as External Examiner for University of West Indies for the MSc Forensic Biology programme.

Over the next few months I am attending the special semester at the Newton Institute in Cambridge, from July 18 to December 21, 2016, on Probability And Statistics In Forensic Science. The first workshop was an international conference on: The nature of questions arising in court that can be addressed via probability and statistical methods. Fascinating meeting and very useful.

June 2016

Glad to assist in the interesting issue of the claim for the baronetcy of Pringle of Stichill, just heard by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council – an unusual use of Y STR profiling:

‘This is just a short note to let you know that I was successful in my claim for the family title and that I am very grateful for your excellent report which provided the crucial evidence in my claim’ Murray Pringle

Started Expert Witness Training for PhD students on Intrepid Forensic Doctoral Programme at Leicester University

March 2016

Royal Statistical Society meeting on Forensic Databases followed by meal to celebrate award of CBE to Ian Evett – good to see old friends and to congratulate Ian on his honour

Completed series of lectures on DNA at Kingston University for undergraduate forensic biologists

February 2016

Completed series of lectures on CAI module for MSc forensic biologists in Department of Security and Crime Science at UCL

January 2016

Wonderful time on trip to New Zealand as the ESR Visiting International Fellow for 2015-16 – CAI training at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Met lots of new people and saw lots of old colleagues from FSS 

Also gave talk to ANZFSS meeting, videoed to all three sites, on the UK Forensic Market

ANZFSS meeting

October 2015

Very interesting and informative day in Utrecht with NRGD for a course on Netherlands Criminal Law

September 2015

ISFG 2015 meeting in Krakow was a great way to keep up with developments in DNA analysis and interpretation – especially NGS systems – and to catch up with old friends

April 2015

Enjoyed providing DNA mixture workshop and attending very useful Qiagen Investigator Forum in Dusseldorf on 13 – 16 April; met some friendly and entertaining people there

DNA mixture workshop

March 2015

CAI module at UCL completed – enjoyed interacting with students on workshops for this 10 week module

Great time in Warsaw for the Forensic Watch conference on the imminent changes to the Polish legal system, discussing the impact on expert witnesses (

Forensic Watch conference

February 2015

Delivering lectures to forensic biology students at Kingston University

January 2015

Starting delivery of CAI module at UCL for MSc Forensic Science course

August 2014

ICFIS 14 meeting in Leiden from 19-22 August – many interesting discussions on new DNA evaluation methods and software

June 2014

Big changes to DNA analysis tests coming soon – DNA Principal Forensics taking part in providing video training for lawyers now

May 2014

Attended training on STRmix given by ESR in London

April 2014

Went to Forensic Expo at Olympia – attended launch of Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences & met many colleagues from FSS days