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Our Services

Expert DNA Witness Services

Expert Witness Services:

Independent case reviews of forensic evidence for prosecution & defence in criminal & civil cases, including:

  • DNA mixture interpretation
  • DNA standard & specialist statistical review
  • Relationship test results
  • Mitochondrial & Y STR results
  • Transfer mechanisms (direct & indirect) & persistence of DNA

Cold case reviews

  • Suggestions for newer or additional types of DNA test
  • Other samples or areas suitable for current DNA tests

If you require a quote, please provide your contact details, requirements, copies of the forensic reports, deadlines for report & trial.

DNA Training Services

Training Services:

Lectures & training for forensic scientists, lawyers & others in the Criminal Justice System, university students

  • Principles of DNA Evaluation (Single Source)
  • DNA Mixture Evaluation and Reporting
  • Low Template DNA Analysis and Reporting
  • Disaster Victim Identification
  • DNA Contamination
  • Expert witness & court presentation skills
    • Range of course content available depending on depth of content needed
    • Training needs analysis based on your learning objectives
    • Course delivery at a location of your choice
    • Trainee attendance certificates

If a wider range of expertise or content is required then I may be able to suggest colleagues from PFS who can assist

DNA Consulting Services

Consulting services:

Bespoke consultancy for the interpretation and evaluation of forensic DNA, for case investigation strategy setting.

Advice & discussion for forensic DNA research projects.

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